Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz covers everything from ‘Can I Get A Tattoo?’ ‘What Is Sin?’ ‘Adulting,’ and ‘Will My Pet Be In Heaven?’ Check him out and learn more about your faith!


Coffee Talk with Fr. Brad

Fr. Brad is from right here in Baton Rouge and is able to bring the faith down to a relatable level. From his “We Don’t Believe Dat!” video to his “Bachelor Party” video, I guarantee, you’ll be itching to see what video he comes out with next.



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The Catholic Gentleman

Blogs, store, beard balm, and more! Read more here


Lux U

For young women to learn more about Scripture, the teachings of The Church, and what it means to live out true femininity!
(There is a monthly fee for this one!)


Blessed Is She

A website for young women to come together as a community, join online workshops, visit the online shops, subscribe to daily reflections, and much more!


Eden Invitation

Are you struggling to find where you fit between LGBTQ+ and the Catholic Church? Here’s a resource from two women who felt the same and built a place for you to have an up building community.